The start of senior year….

Today, I started senior year. I have been waiting for this day anxiously since I was in 7th grade. Walking into Ellis today felt different. Strange even. I wasn’t nervous. I was excited. I wasn’t afraid. I was ready.

Being at Ellis today felt different. It went by in that slow type of fast motion that accelerates at a speed of “we will get there when we get there.”

I like to say I know Ellis very well…because I do, but today it didn’t feel like the Ellis of last year, the year before, or the year before that. It felt like senior year. My last year. The year where leadership and academics stand in the way of the next journey of life.

I had imaginations about how this year was supposed to look, but I can proudly say, as the year lays in front of me like a beautiful canvas you can’t touch but rather admire, it is nothing like I expected. And that is okay. If life were predictable, it would be pretty boring, right?

I have many goals for this year, but my June 7th grade self would want me to say this, “To You Know Who You Are, I know I couldn’t give the speech at graduation at SEA or Ellis, but are you proud of me? I will always remember what you said to me when you left that school building, and I’m sorry I never achieved your final request, but thank you for making me work harder than ever before. Thank you.”

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