Community Responsiblities

Community Responsibilities for Pittsburgh Chess Week 2017 as written by Ashley Lynn Priore, founder and CEO of The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute, on October 1st, 2017.


  • Encourage acknowledgment and celebration of chess and its recent success in Pittsburgh.
  • Learn about chess opportunities in Pittsburgh, specifically The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute.
  • Learn about the benefits of chess (academically and socially).
  • Encourage attendance to different chess events around the city, specifically Pittsburgh Chess Week 2017 events.
  • Discuss, engage, and promote chess all year along, not just during this week.
  • Learn or play chess.
  • Use the hashtag #cityofchess.


Thank you for your dedication to the Pittsburgh community. #cityofchess #chessforchange #enrichinglivesonemoveatatime


Ashley Lynn Priore

Founder, President, CEO

The Queen’s Gambit

Pittsburgh, PA

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