Just a thought….

One of the things I have gradually learned during my process to adulthood has been how young women intimidate people. When you have skills, intelligence, drive, and spirit, sometimes people don’t take you seriously. I have learned if people don’t take you seriously, they don’t take themselves seriously either. Instead of being threatened by others accomplishments, we should encourage, embrace, and celebrate their triumphs. The more impacts our neighbors make the better our world will be. I believe we are put on this earth to give something back to the community. This “something” could be discovered at the age of 32, the age of 6, or even at the grand age of 65. I was lucky enough to have this “something” blossom during my early adult years. I guess I’m trying to say that everyone’s “somethings” are tiny pieces that connect and help form the world we live in. Next time someone does something, even smile, say thank you. Your “something” is different from their “something” no matter how similar they might seem. No need for intimidation.

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