I woke up in a bar. Confused and dazed. The liquor on my breath woke me from a nightmare about being forgotten. I stumbled up to check the time. It was 1:23am. The lights, brown and tannish yellow, made it hard to see. Were they still following me or had I lost them?

Once my eyes managed to distance themselves from the clock, I saw men fighting-friendly fighting I suppose. Girls were dancing on tables and a part of me wanted to dance to. I couldn’t and you know why. We aren’t going there again.

I smelled terrible but the barman pointed to the bathroom I realized I threw up in hours before. It took miles to get to the Men Only sign. I splashed water on my face and hair, spit out the remaining contents of catawba and shaved the forest off my chin. I checked the wound on my lower abdomen. The cloth still smelled like her and if I wasn’t afraid of death, I would have ripped that thing right off of me.

And if she wasn’t so damn beautiful, I probably wouldn’t have left her.

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