Ashley Lynn Priore is an American chess player & coach, social entrepreneur, nonprofit consultant, political strategist & advisor, youth rights activist and writer currently serving as the inaugural president and CEO of Queens Gambit, a national, multi-departmental hybrid nonprofit and social enterprise using chess as a catalyst for change and a model to empower, educate, and impact a better society. Ashley has been featured and recognized for her work using chess to combat society’s biggest issues in Elite Daily, Katie Couric Media, Forbes, and USA Today.

At 21, Ashley’s list of accomplishments are long: she founded her first nonprofit organization at age 14, founded a social enterprise at 19, founded a second nonprofit, Y’22 (A Youth on Boards Movement), at age 21, founded the first youth-led campaign strategy firm in the United States (Youth Political Strategies), is the author of 4 books, and became the youngest person to run for office in the State of Pennsylvania in 2019.

Ashley is a nationally recognized leader in youth rights activism and youth policy implementation, writing and submitting an entire playbook for youth engagement in the White House for the Biden-Harris Administration and co-founding Our Right To Justice to advocate for more justices on the Supreme Court following the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. Ashley has consulted numerous campaigns on policy and voter outreach as local as City Council to national offices such as Congress and Presidential campaigns. As an expert in nonprofit policy and management, Ashley serves the community through her own nonprofit consulting business, Priore Consulting.

Ashley resides in Pittsburgh, PA and in her free time, contributes to major publications including the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and MS Magazine. She is currently completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in English and Political Science.