Ashley Lynn Priore is a graduate from the Ellis School for girls in Pittsburgh, PA and is a current student at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in English and Philosophy & Politics with a minor in economics. An award winning and nationally ranked player under the United States Chess Federation, Ashley is a competitive chess player, writer and poet, and social entrepreneur.

In 2014, Ashley founded The Queen’s Gambit Chess Institute, a Pittsburgh based non-profit organization dedicated to teaching chess to the community and ensuring every child has the necessary tools and opportunities to learn the game through a twenty-first century approach to education. Queen’s Gambit is dedicated to using the strategy of chess to keep Pittsburgh sustainable and innovative for the future. A chess educator, social advocate, and leader around the city, Ashley leads Queen’s Gambit’s community asset mapping initiatives and consulting through strategic planning. Queen’s Gambit was founded on the belief that chess provides relevant skills that can, in turn, be used to impact our region.

An innovate speaker who appeared on the Tedx stage in 2018, she started playing competitive chess at the age of four and began teaching at eight years old.

Ashley currently serves on the boards of the Pittsburgh Chess Club, American Lung Association of Western PA, The ToonSeum, Pittsburgh Learning Commons, Community Human Services, Pittsburgh Cares, Rukmini Foundation and City of Bridges High School. She also serves on several local and national advisory boards and committees.

A catalyst for change who started her own business at the early age of 14 years old, Ashley seeks to empower all to use their passions for good. In 2019, Ashley entered politics and was a candidate for Pittsburgh Board of Education, District 4.